Marbled “End Papers”

Moleskine – myMoleskine – Marbled “End Papers”

Moleskine - myMoleskine - Marbled

I have been using Moleskines for nine years now, and people are still surprised to see a digital guy like me carrying around and relying upon an analog accoutrement like a Moleskine.

But when I explain to them that a Moleskine is probably one of the only media that is designed to dignify and elevate every word you put down, they get it. Sure, digital is convenient. But is is somehow ethereal, and pounding out an article on Scrivener, as wonderful as the experience is, never feels as fulfilling or permanent as writing it out long-hand on acid-free paper.

Raise your hands up if you know what I’m talking about.


So when I see people adding hand-marbled end-papers to a Moleskine, I get it. Really. The more we raise these notebooks above the ordinary, the more meaning and value we give to what we create within. And that is just wonderfulness.


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